Women Deserve More Sleep Than Men Because Their Brain Works Harder

Science has proven that a female’s brain is far more complex than a male’s brain. A recent study confirms that women need more sleep because their brain works harder than men’s which isn’t unexpected. The director and professor at the Sleep Research Center at Loughborough University prepared a detailed explanation of his study.

As he says, women who sleep little are prone to psychological issues such as depression, anger, hostility, and more. However, this doesn’t apply to men. Apparently, men who lack sleep don’t the fact the same consequences. Meaning, their brain works less.

Our sleep is responsible for the brain’s recovery after a busy day. Meaning, when you sleep, the cortex of your brain (the part responsible for language, memory and other complex processes) recovers. The more you use your brain during the day, the more it needs to rest during the night, increasing your need for sleep.

We all know that women represent a symbol of flexibility and complexity when it comes to doing more complex things at once. This requires mental strength and explains why women need more quality sleep than men.

Now, if you’re a man, don’t get offended. If your profession requires decision-making and lots of thinking you also require extra sleep.

But let’s face it. A woman’s brain is wired differently than a man’s brain. It’s shown that most females sleep 20 minutes longer than average males.

You all know by now that 8 hours is taken as an ideal sleeping frame. However, depending on your work, daily activities, and gender, of course, you will need more or less sleeping hours during the night.

We’ve mentioned that men with complex jobs that require more thinking also need more sleep but still less than an average female. Sorry, guys but it’s what the study says.

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