When Albert Einstein Met Charlie Chaplin

Believe it or not, Einstein and Chaplin were longtime buddies back in the days.

Einstein was known for his brilliant mind, while Chaplin knew how to make people laugh. Nonetheless, they were both admired. And the impact they left on the world was huge.

No further intro is needed for these two. But the fact that they were close friends makes me curious about the conversations they had. Imagining their interaction excites my brain.

People first noticed their friendship at the premiere of the movie “City Lights” when they arrived together. But Einstein and Chaplin knew each other long before their joint arrival.

Surprisingly, Einstein once claimed that the actor was the only person he’d wish to meet one day, which he actually did. Meaning, his dream came true when Carl Laemmle, the head of Universal Studios brought them together.

Later on, they agreed to meet again at Chaplin’s home. He invited Einstein and his wife to have dinner with him. This was the beginning of their beautiful relationship.

After, Einstein became a frequent guest at his home. He even taught Chaplin how to play the piano. But as we mentioned before, their arrival at the premiere made their friendship official. In the heat of the moment, this alleged conversation took place between the two:

‘What I admire most about your art” Albert Einstein said, “is its universality. You do not say a word, and yet … the world understands you”.

It’s true reply Chaplin: “But your fame is even greater… the world admires you when nobody understands you.’

What an excellent choice of words. And impeccable comparison. Although the premiere of Chaplin’s movie was supposed to be in the spotlight, the two geniuses stole the show and became a subject of gossip among guests.

The moment was described as ‘the most memorable scene in the era of celebrity’.

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