This Went viral: Illustrations That Capture The Beauty Of Living Alone

A fresh blood is on the art stage and she’s got an impressive portfolio. Guys, give it up to Yaoyao Ma Van As, the artist known for her unique work. She’s based in Los Angeles and she keeps amazing people with her talent. In fact, she’s a person of many talents. She paints, illustrates and animates. However, her most impressive work by now is the collection of pieces that present the beauty of living alone. Singles, this one for you.

Each piece in her collection represents a female figure enjoying the daily joys of her single life. Most of the time, she includes pets in the illustrations represented as the female’s best friends. Sometimes, the girl in the illustrations sits cozily in her home, while other times, she’s out in nature, playing with her dog or drinking coffee outside on her porch, wrapped in a blanket, while watching the rain. Already imagining right?

Wait until you see the illustrations. If you’re single, you will totally find yourself. And if you’re in a relationship, you will start enjoying single life in your mind. Yaoyao is capable of presenting freedom in such an inspiring way. She’s trying to make you more aware of your own presence and freedom on this planet. She wants you to understand that it’s not necessarily to be in a relationship to be happy. She also wants you to learn how to enjoy your own company and find time to make yourself happy.

She also has some art pieces on relationships but it was the single art collection that put her in the spotlight on social media. Seems like she empowered many women to look after themselves and act more independently. If you like to check her work, you can do it on her website. Or follow her Instagram profile. Or have her page in your news feed on Facebook. In meanwhile, let’s check the most viewed illustrations of her collection.

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