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This 7-Month-Old Baby Has Better Hair Than You Do

Many people can only dream of having hair like the seven-month-old baby Chanco.

In fact, she probably has better hair than you do at the moment. Just kidding but seriously. Looking at her, you cannot envy and wish you were born with such voluminous and bushy hair. And she’s only a seven-month-old baby from Japan who turned lucky.

Born last year in December, Chanco’s parents expected the hair of their baby to get lighter over time but that didn’t happen. She rocks this hairstyle for months now.

Apparently, most babies lose their soft, bushy hair between 32 and 36 weeks. But not Chanco. She became a social media star because of their hairstyle. She even gathered +70,000 fans on her mom’s Instagram profile. And her mother gives her best to keep them amused by posting regular images of “little miss bushy sunshine”.

Her parents try to tame her flowing hair with accessories and cute little bows but it appears as nothing can stop a wild hair like that. To intimidate her fans, her parents have published a recent post of her having a haircut but no worry. It was only a trim.

People express admiration for her looks on social media and say she has better hair than anyone they know. Her posts get over 10,000 likes and she has fans all over the world. How could she not have so many fans when her hairstyle rocks? Imagine how she will look like at an older age. Maybe it will get more ticker or lighter. No one knows.

All I know is that she became an internet sensation overnight thanks to the bushy hair.

If you want to keep yourself amused and follow recent updated on “hair dairy” you can follow baby Chanco on Instagram. In the meantime, check some of her cutest photos.

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