Tall Husbands And Short Wives Have Happier Marriages

Different scientific studies claim different things every day. And although statistics measure results, let’s face it. Nothing’s proven to be entirely genuine because the subjects of the study provide the results and they would be different if you were a part of the research. Your culture, race, sex, education, employment, and many other variables can affect a study’s outcome. Still, every study is interesting to analyze such as the recent one claiming that tall husbands and short wives have happier marriages.

A year ago, a study with 8,000 Indonesian people took place. And the results proved that the taller the husband, the happier the wife is. But height isn’t the only factor that plays a role in a woman’s happiness.

The husband’s income and self-confidence also play an important role in the overall joy of a couple. However, the study has shown that taller husbands have better chances and potential of developing a career. They’re more trustworthy and resourceful.

Also, it was revealed that taller men attract more women than shorter guys.

Meaning, taller guys gain more life pleasure. But as we said before, nothing’s proven to be entirely genuine because your relationship with a person depends more than your height. It depends on trust, love, respect, common interests, and life perspective.

Another study made in 2010 pointed out that a person’s height plays an important part in breakups. This research has also shown that women don’t gain much interest in taller men. This disproves the previous study claiming the opposite. Now, you probably realize that studies are interesting to read, but not always legit. A strong relationship depends on other factors that height. So, enjoy life and open your heart to unconditional love.

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