Overwhelming Illustrations Representing The Daily Joys Of a Couple’s Life

If you’re single, these illustrations will make you want to get into a love relationship.

But if you’re already in one, then you will probably find yourself in this adorable project made by Dina Odess. She’s a 27-year-old girl living in New York but born in Kazakhstan.

Dina loved drawing since she was a little child but doesn’t have relevant art education. But that didn’t stop her from expressing her creativity and put her talent to work.

Dina is a person of many talents. She’s got involved in interior design (which she does for a living today), oil painting, graphic design, printmaking, lettering, 3d, chalkboard drawing, dot art, calligraphy, fashion illustration, watercolor, paster, and many more.

But what put her in the spotlight on social media was her latest project presenting the daily joys of couple’s life using a hashtag “99relationshipillustrations”. They became viral because of how she presented all the small things that matter in a relationship.

Dina finished children art school when she was 15 but that’s her only art education. Later, she wanted to get a degree in art but changed her mind and started learning Chinese. Meaning, she’s a self-taught artist.

Besides being amazing at what she does, Dina is a great role model to look up to. Why? Because even if she took a turn on the path to achieve her dreams, she never really gave up on her talent and found a way to put her creativity to work.

Every young person needs to follow her example. You can also follow her official Instagram to check more of her projects, and her fresh Facebook page to support. Dina also has her own website where you can check her art and contact information.

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