Art Too Bad To Be Ignored: The Ugliest Art Pieces Exposed At The Museum

Artists don’t find inspiration in happiness or perfection. On the contrary, they get inspired by everything that’s not even close to perfect. They get inspired by emptiness, sadness, chaos, everything you wouldn’t understand. However, I still ask who’s to blame for the 500 art pieces exposed at the museum of bad art in Dedham, Massachusetts.

It’s not that they’re ugly but unusual. And and I’ve recently noticed, most people get attracted by everything that’s weird today, which explains why this collection gained so much popularity. People look for something that will prove that you don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

The museum of bad art represents a private institution focused on celebrating the worst of art. Or as people at the museum like to call it “art too bad to be ignored”.

I once heard a saying: “Be so good they can’t ignore you”. I guess the artists of these paintings proved the irrelevance of this quotation. You don’t have to be too good or too bad at something. Just be yourself and find your own brilliant way of presenting your talent because let’s face it. These art pieces aren’t ugly nor bad but brilliant.

The museum of bad art was founded in 1993 and the story of how it’s built is quite interesting. Apparently, an antique dealer named Scott Wilson presented a painting recovered from the trash to some of his friends. And instead of laughing over the piece, they have suggested him to create an entire collection of similar pieces.

And that’s how it all begun. When asked what’s the main reason for establishing this museum, one of the co-founders replied that every city has its museum of best art. And it was time someone collects and exhibits the worst. What a perfect reply.

Some say that this museum is anti-art, while others love their work. But no one can deny its uniqueness. And let’s talk honest, that’s what sells today. Now, let’s observe some of the most bizarre pieces exposed in this museum.

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