50 Years After Escaping From Alcatraz, Alleged Prisoner Sends Letter To The FBI

If you’ve ever been to San Francisco there’s a good chance you’ve seen the Alcatraz prison. Until 1963, it used to be the most dangerous prison in the United States. The prison is visible from the Golden Gate Bridge and is known worldwide for housing some of USA’s most dangerous and notorious criminals.

Since the prison is located on an island, escaping it is quite an impossible task. Despite the danger of trying to do so, a little over 30 prisoners attempted to escape over the years. All of them were presumed dead and those who came the closest to making it out alive were three brothers that escaped over 50 years ago. Frank Morris, John Anglin and Clarence Anglin worked on their plan for a few months before escaping. Over the course of these few months, they made the ventilation ducts of their cells wider by using a variety of tools.

To disguise the noise, Frank would play the accordion in his cell while the others were working hard. The brothers used paint and cardboard to recover the ducts and as soon as they got out, they stitched together 50 raincoats in order to create a raft that would take them to freedom. They used pipe steam to stitch the raft.

They also used dummy heads in order to fool the guards. The dummy heads, which looked super real because the brothers used real hair from the prison barber, were placed on the bed during the convicts’ escape. The FBI never found their remains but they found the remnants of the rafts and they closed the case and assumed they had all drowned.

Since the brothers escape, many clues were discovered and they hint at the fact that the brothers might not be dead after all. The families of the prisoners say that they indeed made it out alive but they had become estranged. To prove his story, one sibling even showed a photograph that had reportedly been taken in 1975, while he was on his deathbed.

John Anglin sent the following letter to the FBI 5 years ago. In his letter, he reveals that he needs medical attention and that he is willing to turn himself in to get help. There’s no word on what happened after that.

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